Car Accidents

Kentucky Auto Accidents

Rear Collisions

Rear Collisions: Who’s Fault is It? When you are involved in a rear end collision with another vehicle and you are the one who did the rear ending, the general rule of thumb is that you are totally at fault and will be liable for any damages. Proving at least partial negligence on the other …

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Car Accident

Ohio Auto Injuries

Common Auto Injuries in Ohio Whether it’s a minor fender-bender or a serious collision, injuries can occur from any auto accident. Minor injuries like bruises and cuts can heal rather quickly and typically don’t require extensive medical treatment while others like head, neck and back injuries can take years to heal – or be permanent. …

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Kentucky Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents Kentucky

Injured in Kentucky Auto Accidents Every year, approximately six million auto accidents take place in the United States. The majority of them only involve damage to the vehicle and property as opposed to drivers, passengers or pedestrians. However, sometimes people are injured as a result of an automobile accident, and other times accidents end in …

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Insurance Company Tricks

Avoiding Accidents 

Ten Tips for Avoiding Road Rage Accidents Avoiding accidents in today’s world is becoming increasingly harder. A roadside billboard showed an infuriated driver screaming at the car ahead of her while her toddler observed from the backseat. The tag line said, “She learns by watching you.” Most people think the anti-road rage advertisement doesn’t apply …

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Determining Liability for an Accident

Determining liability or legal responsibility for an accident can be complicated, but often rests on whether someone was careless or “negligent.” It’s easy enough to say that the person or business that caused an accident must pay for your injuries. But before you get to that point, you must determine who was legally at fault. …

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