Injured by a Product:

Everything You Need To Know

It is not every day you are injured by a defective product, let’s get you up to speed.


The manufacturer of any product is liable if their product does not function properly and injures a person or damages property.


You can break the manufacturer’s liability down into 3 categories: manufacturing defects, design defects, and failure to warn.  Failure to warn is also referred to as marketing defects. 

Defective Product Injury Lawyer

First and foremost:

Save the Defective Product as Evidence!

If you or a loved one suffer a defective product injury, it is critical to save the evidence. It is very important to save and preserve the object and any other evidence of what happened. It can be difficult to prove your case without having the physical object that caused the injury. 

Manufacturing Defects

The manufacturer of the product can be held liable for their product’s mishap which caused an injury if they used poor-quality materials or shoddy workmanship that lead to the failure. 

Design Defects

Liability for design defects come into play when there was nothing wrong with the manufacturing of the product, but the design itself was inherently dangerous. 

Failure to Warn (Marketing Defects)

Manufacturers can be held responsible for injuries caused by their products if they failed to put appropriate warning labels on the packaging or if they fail to announce a recall properly or in a timely fashion. 

Product Liability

Do I Need a Lawyer if I am Injured by a Defective Product?

If you have suffered a dangerous or defective product injury, you are entitled to claim compensation from the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of the product that injured you.


Your defective product liability claim needs to be professionally handled. At The Law Offices of Christopher Jackson, we can investigate your claim and help you seek compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.


Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that the products they make or sell are reasonably safe. When they fail to do so, countless people can be injured. Most of the time, a product recall is only issued long after consumers are hurt.


We represent people who have suffered and a defective product injury by any of a wide variety of dangerous or defective products.

The Most Common Defective Products Cases:

• Dangerous Cars, Trucks, and Other Vehicles
• SUVs Prone to Rollovers
• Defective Auto Parts
• Food Contamination/Foreign Objects in Food
• Defective Consumer Products
• Dangerous Toys, Such as Those Containing Lead
• Faulty Industrial Equipment
• Defective Medical Products

Learn about all of the possibilities for compensation you may be entitled.

Legal Representation For Defective Product Injuries

Contact us about a defective product injury online or by calling (859) 261-1111 in Kentucky or (513) 861-8000 in Ohio or toll-free 1-888-811-FAIR (3247) to schedule an initial consultation about a possible product liability claim. We serve Cincinnati, Covington, Kentucky, and represent clients throughout Ohio and Kentucky.


Negligent product design and manufacturing cause countless injuries every year. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact a product liability lawyer who can help you seek full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. We have your back.

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