How much is a personal injury case worth?

Strategic Personal Injury Case Results

When figuring out how much a personal injury case is worth, you need to evaluate several items regarding the circumstances of how you incurred the injury.

These 5 Circumstances Determine The Value Of Your Personal Injury Case:

  1. The extent of the injury.
  2. The evidence is available to prove the case.
  3. The long-term effects.
  4. The pain and suffering, both physical and emotional.
  5. The level of negligence demonstrated by the at-fault party.

Case Results of Personal Injury Lawyer Christopher Jackson

Below you will find the case results and dollar amounts The Law Offices of Christopher Jackson recovered for injury cases.


Just like you, if you do choose to contact Mr. Jackson, all of the victims involved in these injury cases did not have to pay a dime to The Law Offices of Christopher Jackson until they received their settlement.


A.R. vs I.C. — $300,000 recovered for a motorcycle crash, wherein our client was accused of causing the wreck.

M.U. vs I.C. — $250,000 recovered for a head-on crash despite our client being cited for the wreck. Mr. Jackson hired an accident reconstructionist and was able to prove in court that the other driver was at fault.

J.C. vs D.T.I.C. — $100,000 recovered for client in head-on collision

D.H.O. vs S.R.E. — $72,000 recovered in a slip-and-fall injury.

M.C. vs D.T. — $50,000 recovered for client in a slip-and-fall injury.

R.D., R.D., T.D. vs P.I. & S.F — $222,500 recovered for three brothers injured in a car accident.

P.R. vs I.C. — $100,000 policy limits recovered for client in motorcycle crash.

A.S. vs T.C. — $100,000 recovered for client in disputed liability truck wreck.

M.C. vs T.I — $110,000 recovered for a truck driver injured after being rear-ended in a semi truck accident on the interstate.

S.T. vs C.R.B. — $52,500 recovered for a client injured in a slip and fall on a riverboat.

B.B. vs. T.R.U. — $75,000 recovered for a client injured in a slip-and-fall accident on a toy in a department store.

S.T. vs. C.R.B. — $52,500 recovered for a client injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Client told no case by other lawyers because he slipped and fell at a party.

C.B. vs. G.I.C. — $50,000 recovered for a client injured in a motorcycle accident.

T.W. vs. I.C. — $285,000 recovered for a client injured in a car accident in Cincinnati, Ohio.

L.L. vs. C.M.G. — $227,500 recovered for a client injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Client told no case by other lawyers.

H.H. vs S.F. — $100,000 policy limits recovered in pedestrian car accident after contested liability.

N.M. vs. T.C. — $331,000 recovered for a client with injuries sustained in a trucking accident after 3 years of litigation.

C.L. v I.C. — $100,000 recovered for client with injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

R.S. v I.C. — $66,000 recovered for client in car accident.

C.M. vs. T.M.C., et al. — $300,000 recovered for a client with a brain injury in a sumo-wrestling accident at school after no offer for almost three years of litigation. The school argued she was at fault for 2+ years.

D.W. v I.C. — recovered $72,000 for client in car accident.

Minors vs. G.C.S.B. — $400,000 recovered for minor clients in a school bus crash.

K.L. vs. T.A. — recovered $300,000 for a client in an Ohio employer intentional tort wrongful death claim for explosion at plant despite difficult burden and no offer for almost three years of litigation.

L.J. vs N.I.C. & K.F.B. — recovered $132,500 ($50,000 then $82,500 from UIM) for client in a car accident with a back injury after low initial offer.

K.G. v. I.H.I.S.D. — recovered $152,500 for client in a car accident with leg injury.

S.J. vs. I.C. — $100,000 recovered for client for car wreck injuries.

H.H. vs. S.F.I.C. — insurance company initially denied liability because the police cited our client for being at fault. Mr. Jackson proved that the other driver was partially at fault and settled for $100,000.

K.M. vs. A.I.C. and G.I.C. — $150,000 recovered for auto accident injuries.

C.B. — broken foot settled for $32,000.

A.N. vs. I.C. — $30,000 recovered at mediation after initial offer of only $5,000.

T.P. vs. I.C. — Insurance initially denied the case claiming it was our client’s fault. Mr. Jackson filed a lawsuit and settled for $30,000.

C.M. vs. J.S. — $75,000 recovered for woman who ran across busy street, not in a crosswalk, and was hit by an SUV.

S.B. vs. I.C. — $125,000 recovered.

J.P. vs. S.F.I.C. — Mr. Jackson recovered $40,000 for client with soft tissue injuries from a car accident.

C.A.M. vs. V.G. — $250,000 recovered for nursing home wrongful death. Bed rail suffocation.

H.S. vs. M.C.C. — $110,000 recovered for nursing home fractured hip injury.

E. vs. L.M.I.C. — 8-year-old child ran out in front of vehicle. Mr. Jackson proved that it was not the child’s fault and settled for $95,000 before trial.

K.B. vs. S.C. Inc. — $52,000 recovered for leg burn on a teenage girl.

P.J. vs. N.H. — recovered $63,000 for head injury at nursing home after a fall.

J.Y. vs. A. Inc. — recovered $65,000 in a products liability case.

J.H. vs. A.I.C. — insurance company only offered J. H. $2,100 before trial. Mr. Jackson proved to a jury that his client deserved $106,000. Jury awarded future medical bills for future necessary surgery.

A.B. vs. A.I.C. — insurance company only offered A.B. $10,000 before. Mr. Jackson proved to a jury that his client deserved $15,000.

K.A. vs. H.D. — store denied slip and fall, but Mr. Jackson was able to recovery $40,000 for K. A.

T.G. vs N.I.C. — insurance company initially accused T.G. of over-steering and causing the auto accident. Mr. Jackson recovered $100,000 after he proved that it was not his client’s fault.

G.H. vs. City — city denied the claim and Mr. Jackson proved to the court this his client deserved $8,000.

L.D. v A.I.C. — insurance denied coverage under the policy, but Mr. Jackson filed a lawsuit and eventually recovered $73,000 shortly before the jury trial.

C.B. vs. G.R.C. — recovered $75,000 for patient injured after fall.

K.B. vs. N.K.A.B. — recovered $17,000 for a broken arm from trip and fall.

R.M. vs K.F.B. — insurance company and police claimed it was her fault for walking in front of a vehicle. Mr. Jackson proved that his client was not at fault and recovered $50,000.

G.J. vs. S.F.I.C. — recovered $100,000 for a fractured leg in an auto accident wherein client was hit in crosswalk.

B.S. vs. A.I.C. — settled for $50,000.

H.S. vs. W.M. — falsely accused of shoplifting and detained for 15 minutes, Mr. Jackson proved that his client deserved $17,000.

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