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Every day, people in Kentucky are injured in car accidents, semi-truck crashes and motorcycle wrecks. Drivers and riders fail to pay attention and are negligently causing harm to others. Delivery truck drivers are rushing around town causing crashes. Distracted drivers are causing car accidents and motorcycle wrecks. Negligent store owners fail to keep their aisles safe and companies make defective products. Property owners fail to repair dangerous conditions and cause their tenants to be injured. Suffering an injury can cause costly medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. You need a Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyer to help. 

We help individuals injured by another’s negligence. At the Law Office of Christopher Jackson, we work hard to get you the money you deserve. We will set up your case with the insurance company, monitor your treatment, gather all your bills and records as well as evidence from the scene, including witnesses and photographs. Then, we will demand an amount of money to compensate you for your damages. If we are able to settle out of court, we will, but if not, we will sit down and talk about the process of filing a lawsuit and going to court.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer, like Christopher Jackson, that has handled thousands of car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle wrecks and slip & fall injuries will help you get the money you deserve. We have handled cases like yours across Kentucky and Ohio since 2003.

“You go to the doctor and we will take care of everything else.”

Christopher Jackson


When a person is injured, Kentucky law allows a person one year to settle their claim or file a lawsuit. Kentucky law allows 2 years for car accidents. For example, if you are rear-ended in a car accident and suffer a broken arm. Your own auto insurance will cover up to the first $10,000 of your medical bills and/or lost wages under your personal injury protection (PIP). People wonder why their own auto insurance must pay, but think of it as an advance, because at the end of the case, the at-fault party’s auto insurance will reimburse your auto insurance. The liability insurance will only offer you pain & suffering money, so it is very important to choose an experienced Kentucky Personal Injury lawyer like Christopher Jackson to get the money you deserve. The earlier you contact us, the earlier we can start gathering evidence to prove your claim.


Kentucky law states that a person must have $1,000 in medical bills, a broken bone or a scar to make a claim. You may not feel injured immediately due to your adrenaline pumping, but you may feel your injuries days later or even longer. It is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible or the insurance company will argue that there is a gap in treatment and try not to pay you. It is very important to hire an injury lawyer like Christopher Jackson if you have pre-existing injuries. The liability insurance company will try to argue that you were not injured in the accident, but that all your pain and suffering is pre-existing.

Car accidents aren’t the only thing injuring people in Kentucky. Many people are injured in slip & falls, by animal bites, negligent security and defective products.


Personal Injury Lawyer Christopher Jackson has the knowledge and experience to take on your case. Since 2003, Christopher Jackson has handled thousands of cases, including:

Personal Injury
If you have been injured in an accident because of the negligence of another, we can help you get the money you need to pay your medical bills, lost wages and pain & suffering.
Car Accidents
Injuries from motor vehicle accidents can be serious and even deadly. We are here to help you fight the insurance company.
Semi-Truck Crashes
Tractor-trailers, 18 wheeler, big trucks, delivery trucks, etc. Regardless of what you call them they are dangerous and deadly. In the world we live in now there are more delivery truck accidents than ever. Call us we can help.
Motorcycle Wrecks
May is motorcycle awareness month, because most riders ride in warmer weather. Some drivers fail to pay attention to motorcycles and their failure can be deadly.
Premises Liability: Slip & Fall
Kentucky property & store owners are liable for injuries caused by property dangers like unsafe aisles and dangerous conditions on their property.
Wrongful Death
When a loved one lost their life due to the negligence of another, we can help. Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult, but you don’t have to go through this time alone.
Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing homes are trusted to care for the safety of family members. Call us if you suspect any negligence or abuse at a nursing home.
Defective Products
Defective Products
If you have been injured by a defective product, please keep the product. We can help you try and recover money from the insurance company for your damages.
Insurance Denials & Disputes
“Deny, Delay & Defend” is an insurance company motto. We can help you fight the insurance company.

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He was awesome with reasonable rates, payment options and the short term of notice to represent. He represented us with perfection!

I was involved in an auto accident and contacted Mr. Jackson. He and his staff were very helpful and were there to deal with the insurance company to make sure all my medical bills were paid. He got me a settlement to compensate me for my pain and lost wages. I would use and/or refer Mr. Jackson and his firm to my family and friends.

The team at The Law Office of Christopher Jackson has been very helpful and personable with the case they handled. They went above and beyond their duties to keep me posted on all matters with the case. Even when unexpected court dates came up, someone always went to court with me

Mr. Jackson and his staff went above and beyond their call when they got me the money I deserved from my situation. I’d refer Mr. Jackson and all of his staff to handle any cases brought before them.

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