Discover Our Convenient Office Locations

Explore our two prime locations in Covington, KY, and Cincinnati, OH, serving Greater Cincinnati. Whether you’re near the courthouse in Covington or downtown Cincinnati, we’re accessible for your legal needs.

Covington, KY Headquarters

Our Covington headquarters, strategically positioned near the courthouse, ensures easy access for clients. Whether you’re seeking legal advice or representation for a personal injury case, our team is ready to assist you with personalized service and expertise.

At our Covington office, we prioritize client convenience and effective communication. You can schedule consultations by phone or email, avoiding unnecessary travel. Contact us today to discuss your legal needs and explore how we can help you seek rightful compensation.

Cincinnati, OH Branch

Our Cincinnati branch, centrally located in the heart of downtown, offers clients accessibility and convenience. While Christopher Jackson primarily operates from our Covington office, our Cincinnati team is equipped to handle consultations and assist with personal injury cases effectively.

Even though Chris Jackson is primarily based in Covington, our Cincinnati branch remains a valuable resource for local clients. With easy access and efficient communication channels, including phone and email consultations, we ensure that you receive top-tier legal support without the need for extensive travel. Contact us today to start your journey toward fair compensation.