Insurance Denials

Husband and wife stressing out at computer because insurance denied their claim.

Fighting Insurance Denials

Insurance Denials – An accident causing injuries can suddenly shed new light on life’s challenges. If the insurance company denies your claim, harsh new reality comes into focus: how will you pay for your medical bills or lost wages? Your best interests are surely not the same as the insurance company’s best interests — even though you have probably paid premiums for years to your own insurance company. It is not fair, but quality legal representation can level the playing field.

At The Law Office of Christopher Jackson, we understand insurance denials and how excruciating it can be when an insurance company fails to come through with fair coverage after a serious accident. Attorney Jackson is there for his clients when this happens. Years of litigation experience, unwavering commitment and a proven record of success are evidence of the trustworthy advocacy our firm offers for every personal injury case.

Seeking Justice To Help You Move On – Insurance Denials hold you back.

As an experienced litigator in insurance denials and disputes as well as bad faith claims, Attorney Jackson has the knowledge, resources, and ability to pursue your full and fair compensation in and out of the courtroom. He has built his reputation on his record of proven success because he understands how important those results are for his clients.

He is a trial lawyer who is ready to help you resolve your insurance denial or dispute in cases involving claim reductions or denials for your:

  • Auto accident coverage insurance denials
  • PIP or no-fault coverage insurance denials
  • Policy exclusions
  • Health insurance denying payments for medical bills
  • Homeowners insurance denying unwarranted fraud claims
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists claim insurance denials
  • Life insurance policy denials

The primary job of an insurance company is to make money for its shareholders. Our primary job is to make sure you get the maximum benefit you are owed. Whether you have suffered an injury in a car accident or you have lost a home to a fire, if you believe that you aren’t getting a fair deal from an insurance company, we can help you take control of your case.

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