Kentucky Car Accident Legal Advice

Whether to hire a lawyer or not for your Kentucky car accident claim is the question a lot of people have on their mind for various reasons. The time following a Kentucky car accident can be incredibly confusing, not just because you are dealing with injuries and without your car or motorcycle, but also because you are trying to figure out how to best deal with multiple insurance companies; your auto insurance company and the person that hit you.


The general rule of thumb to answer this question is this: if there was only property damage to your car and you are not injured at all, you can probably handle your car accident claim on your own BUT if there are injuries and all the things that go with it (missed work, doctor’s bills, etc.), you should give a Kentucky car accident lawyer a call to at least talk about how they might be able to help, fees and process.


Why don't people want to hire a lawyer even when they have some physical injuries? Here's a look at some of the top reasons:


You already received an offer from the other side's insurance company: If you had injuries and have already received a quick settlement offer from the other side's insurance it might be a lowball offer to get you some quick cash to settle the case once and for all. Why not just take the settlement offer and not deal with the hassle of hiring an attorney and paying them a portion of your settlement? Because the offer is so much lower than you deserve so do yourself a favor and at least give Christopher Jackson a call to get a free evaluation of of how much your Kentucky car accident case is worth.


Lawyers are expensive: Trying to handle your car accident claim on your own to avoid what you think are high attorney’s fees can be a big mistake. For starters, we take all the work off of your plate to make sure you are only focusing on getting back on your feet. At Christopher Jackson Law, like a lot of car accident lawyers, we take our cases on a contingency fee basis meaning  you bear no financial burden by hiring us- we only get paid (33%) if you win your case.


Not sure how to find the best Kentucky car accident lawyer: Maybe you have made the decision to hire or at least talk to a lawyer near you about your accident but a Google or Yelp search gives you an overwhelming number of results and it is a lot to deal with. At Christopher Jackson Law, we are here to help get you the absolute most for your car accident as quickly as possible. We are available by telephone, email or in-person.


Intimidated by the process: For many, hiring a lawyer following a car accident is their first experience with a lawyer and it can seem intimidating but that could not be further from the truth. Not only is hiring Christopher Jackson Law as your Kentucky car accident lawyer easy and relaxed but it is also quick because the purpose of hiring us is to have us take everything off your plate and know that things are being taken care of. How do you hire a car crash lawyer? Just call us. We will help get your paperwork in order (doctor’s visits, photos of the accident, witnesses, etc.), give us a call or email and that's it.


Just keep putting it off: It can take as little as 15-20 minutes to hire us so stop putting off this very important process and get it done. We know it may seem like a hassle or you aren't ready but you do not want to wait too long or miss the Statute of Limitations; once the time has passed, you lose the chance to file a claim and get the money you need and deserve. Just how long do you have to file a personal injury car crash claim in Kentucky? Usually two years for a car wreck, but do not wait that long; other cases are only one year!

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