Things to Know About Insurance Adjusters Before You Talk to One.

January 27, 2020
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Personal Injury Attorneys are critical in serious injury claims. Insurance adjusters are not on your side.

  • Insurance companies have lawyers on staff. 
  • When you sign the insurance company paperwork, you are giving them access to
    all your personal medical information, not just this accident.
  • Insurance adjusters are often paid bonuses for settling cases for less money than the cases are worth.
  • Insurance adjusters will not help build your case to make sure you get the full amount of money for your injuries.
  • Insurance adjusters will not want to pay you for your pain and suffering or your lost wages.
  • Insurance adjusters will not help you negotiate your medical bills and liens to help you get more money in your pocket.
  • Adjusters will also try to blame you if the wreck could in anyway be your fault. You do not have to accept their interpretation.
  • Insurance Adjusters will try to blame your injuries on any pre-existing injuries you may have had arguing that you were not hurt in this wreck.
  • Insurance Adjusters will try not to pay your medical bills if you wait too long to treat or have any “gaps in treatment”.
  • We help injured people fight the insurance company every day in all the above since 2003. It is always a free call and there is no fee unless you win. 

Things to Know About Insurance Adjusters:

Within the current insurance system minor injury to soft tissue (M.I.S.T.) resulting from a car accident is often looked over as a legitimate claim. While out of pocket costs for medical treatment are typically easy to prove, verifying pain and suffering presents a greater challenge. Since damages for pain and suffering requires a subjective 

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