Public Parks Accidents

Slip And Fall Accidents At Public Parks

Public Parks Accidents law refers to the liability rules in cases where an individual falls to the ground and suffers some type of injury on someone else property. These cases are based on the rules of negligence and usually covered by State rules and regulations unless the accident occurred on Government property.

Local business code violations may also apply and your Ohio attorney can sort all this out for you if you have been injured at a public park.

Most public parks are the responsibility of state or local government and have a certain amount of protection against liability claims within their perimeters; however, they also have a duty to ensure your safety and properly maintain the grounds, buildings and equipment offered to you for your enjoyment.

If you have taken reasonable precautions to protect yourself and an accident still occurs, you need a seasoned lawyer to protect your rights and assign liability.

To prove negligence in your case it is always useful to take pictures of the area in which you were injured, get witness statements and contact information and reports from park Rangers, employees, or police officers. You need your medical reports from any treatments you received resulting from your injuries.

When it comes to an accident in a State Park, you need a lawyer to assist you in filing your claim for damages in a timely manner as there are limitations to the time you have to file. The accident may have been caused by the negligence of a park employee, the property manager or the company that maintains the grounds.

Your lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances involving the accident and identify the party at fault. They must then show that the responsible party acted in a negligent manner when they were supposed to be ensuring the safety of the park patrons.

Public Parks Accidents