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3 things to bring when you meet your product liability attorney

Suing a large company for your defective product injury can be very complicated. Getting help with damages like medical bills requires proving that the product caused your injury in the first place. You might be considering hiring a Product liability attorney to help. 

When you meet an attorney for the first time, they will try to determine whether you have a case against the manufacturer or not. To show that your claim is valid, there are a few things you should bring to the initial consultation.

The product itself

One of the easiest ways to show that the product was defective is to have the product right in front of you. The attorney can inspect it and see whether the defect creates liability for the manufacturer.

The product might be too large or dangerous to bring in. In that case, bring any extra materials you have-such as a user manual or packaging-and photographs or video of the defect. These may be enough for the attorney to make a decision.

Proof of ownership and injury

If you lost the product or threw it away, you will need to prove that you had it at one point. A receipt is useful even if you still have the product-just to show when and where you acquired it.

Records of your medical treatment and costs might show the extent of your injury as well. If the attorney takes your case, they will need to prove that the product injured you and show how much compensation you deserve if you win the case.

Communication with the manufacturer

If you called or emailed customer service at first, you should bring any records of that correspondence. What you and the manufacturer said to each other could help or hinder your case. If you received a product recall notice, that can be relevant as well.

Seeking compensation for your injury, lost work time and emotional damages can be a long and confusing process. Hiring an attorney can make it much easier for you. Being prepared for your first meeting can help your case have a strong start.

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