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Many people do not realize that we offer 100% free case evaluation and consultation for anyone who is injured by someone’s or some company’s negligence.

This could very well be the first time you found yourself in need of an injury lawyer.  You do not have to fight this fight alone.  We are an experienced personal injury law firm licensed in Kentucky and Ohio.

We have locations in Covington, KY and Cincinnati, OH.  The majority of the clients we serve are in the Greater Cincinnati area including Northern Kentucky.

Speak with a legal professional now.  Every second counts.

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Christopher Jackson: Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

Christopher Jackson has been serving residents of Covington, Cincinnati, and the entire I-275 loop for over a decade.  His proven track record and excellent client testimonials make him a great choice to quickly resolve your slip and fall injury case and get you the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track.

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How Do Slip and Fall Injuries Occur?

  • Slippery floors (#1 cause)
  • Cracks in pavement
  • Improper or missing signage
  • Failure to keep walking paths clear from obstacles

What makes Chris Jackson a top lawyer is his logic and analytical skills.

He displays a great deal of creativity in his problem solving.

His creativeness allows him to find the best solutions which is not always the most obvious. His ability to think outside the box is a strength.

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Our evaluation and consultation are truly 100% free.  No strings attached.

Our goal is to quickly resolve your case and get you the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and get back to your life.

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