Pedestrian Accidents

Man and women jogging across a crosswalk.

Legal Representation For Pedestrians Hit By A Car

Were you hit by a car while crossing the street?

Unfortunately, many pedestrians are hit by vehicles and injured every year; these injuries are often quite serious because they involve a collision between a motor vehicle and a person.

At the Law Offices of Christopher Jackson, we represent people who have been injured in a pedestrian accident.  You need an attorney that understands the law, the long-term issues, and how insurance companies work.

We Handle Pedestrian Injury Cases of All Kinds

In our experience, most pedestrians are injured when drivers fail to pay attention to their surroundings. Motorists often keep a lookout for dangers to themselves as they travel in cars, trucks, and buses, but then they don’t watch for those that are most likely to get hurt, such as people on foot, bicyclists, and motorcycle riders.

Although not as common, lawyers at our office have also handled pedestrian and bystander injury claims where motorists have lost control of their vehicles and driven up onto sidewalks and into houses and restaurants.

Representing the following types of pedestrian accident cases:

  • Not yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Backing out of parking spaces in parking lots
  • Driving too fast in residential areas where there are children playing
  • Turning in a stoplight intersection and not keeping a lookout for pedestrians rightfully in the crosswalk
  • Driving while distracted, whether by texting, talking on a cell phone, or other distractions such as eating or drinking

What Questions Are Asked?

In order to obtain full compensation for those injured in pedestrian accidents, or for the family members of those killed, our pedestrian injury lawyers conduct a thorough investigation and will want to know answers to questions such as:

  • Was the accident victim in a properly marked crosswalk?
  • Have there been previous accidents at the same location?
  • If the accident occurred at night in a designated crosswalk, was the crosswalk properly lit?
  • What types of traffic control devices were in place to warn oncoming traffic of the crosswalk?
  • Were the roadway conditions unobstructed?
  • Were other potentially responsible parties involved, such as construction companies that may have been engaged in work that may have contributed to the accident?

5 Keys For A Proper Settlement

  1. Know what the short and long-term effects can be for the victim
  2. Gather all the evidence on scene, medical, and witnesses
  3. A sophisticated understanding of the law and how it applies to your case
  4. The willingness to take the time to get it right
  5. And with all that comes the confidence in and out of the courthouse to challenge the insurance companies who care only about their bottom line

Were You Hit By A Car In A Crosswalk?

The law requires drivers to exercise due care to avoid hitting pedestrians, yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk, use the horn to warn them when necessary, and to use proper precaution if they see a child in the road. Too often, however, drivers fail to take these necessary precautions, and they cause accidents that should never have occurred.

In the vast majority of pedestrian-related crashes, the fault does not fall on the pedestrian but rather is due to some type of negligence on the part of the driver. Often, multiple factors may lead to the negligent action, including driving while distracted, failing to check for pedestrian traffic before proceeding into an intersection, and speeding.

Were You Hit By A Truck, Bus, Or Train While Walking?

Passenger cars are not the only threat facing pedestrians; additional dangers come from semi-trucks, buses, vans, and trains. Regardless of what type of vehicle causes a pedestrian accident, there may be a claim for the damages incurred by the pedestrian if negligence was involved on the part of a driver, an owner of a car, truck, or train. Sometimes, a mechanic who built or performed maintenance work on the vehicle is at fault.

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