Pedestrian or Cyclist Hit by a Car

Pedestrian & Cyclist hit by car injuries. A lot of Greater Cincinnati attorney’s take on personal injury cases. But you need a professional Personal Injury Lawyer. They think it will be a quick insurance settlement, but will it be the best settlement. Do they understand the case, the long-term issues, and how insurance companies work them? 

When a pedestrian or a cyclist is hit by a car, even at low speeds, it can cause a lot of pain and injury, some of it invisible and long-term injury. So you need and want an experienced personal injury attorney. 

To get a proper settlement for your case, a pedestrian & Cyclist hit by a car; your case needs to be prepared correctly:

  1. Know what the short and long-term effects can be for the victim
  2. Gather all the evidence on scene, medical, and witnesses
  3. A sophisticated understanding of the law and how it applies to your case
  4. The willingness to take the time to get it right
  5. And with all that comes the confidence in and out of the courthouse to challenge the insurance companies who care only about their bottom line

If you have been hit by a car on foot, bike or in a car, you need a professional personal injury attorney on your side. Find an attorney you can trust with your case, your future, and your wellbeing. If you have questions, call Christopher Jackson Law. We will give you our commitment to do our best. 

So if you or someone you care about has been hit by a car pedestrian, Cyclist or in a car, or harmed by the negligence of another person, give us a call, we will fight for you. 

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