NKY Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall Injuries & Statistics: Determining Liability in Northern Kentucky

Determining liability in Northern Kentucky after a slip and fall accident relies on whether the proprietor of the property did know, or should have known, that a hazard was present.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Despite what many believe, slip and fall injuries usually result in very serious injuries. According to the CDC, more than 17,000 people die each and every year due to injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents. Just to give you an idea how many people that is statistically, according to the CDC in 2013, 10,076 people died in alcohol-related car crashes. As you can see, slip and fall deaths account for approximately 7,000 more deaths per year. In order to determine liability in a slip and fall case, several factors will come into play.

Types of Hazards Which Lead to Slip and Fall Accidents

Falls can be caused by a great many hazards. Some may be obvious, others may go unseen. Hazards such as tile flooring or paved walkways which are not leveled can cause a horrible fall. Floors that are slippery due to a spill or inclement weather can cause someone to slip and become injured.

Spills that result in sticky floors can also lead to unbalance which could result in a slip and fall or a trip and fall. Broken steps on a staircase, porch, or other incline can lead to a disastrous fall. Missing or wobbly handrails, objects that are obstructing pathways, and even dim, or inadequate lighting can lead to a severe injury – and that is not all.

Determining Liability

Sometimes the determining of liability in these cases can be simple – especially if the injury resulted from something obvious, such as an obstruction, a spill, dim lighting, etc. The individual(s) that are in possession of a property is not held to a guarantee of absolute safety to any individual who visits said property. However, the proprietor of a property that expects to receive visitors must take all necessary precautions to ensure hazards are removed, addressed, and/or clearly marked.

Example: In other words, if you are walking down a store isle that is dimly lit due to a blown bulb or faulty wiring, and you slip and injure yourself, the proprietor could be held liable because his or her store expects visitors. They may not have known about the faulty lighting, but it was their job to be informed about the state of any area expecting to be occupied by patrons of the establishment.

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident in Covington, Newport or Florence, contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Northern Kentucky right away. You may be entitled to a settlement.