Steps in the Injury Claim Process

If you have been injured in an accident in Kentucky or Ohio, below are the steps that you will need to follow to ensure you are able to receive the full compensation you are entitled to.

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Step 1: You Are Injured in an Accident

The accident is reported.

This step occurs when the police are called to the scene of the accident or an individual contacts the police to make a report.

If possible, it is very important to gather evidence such as photos, witnesses, etc.

Step 2: Seek Medical Treatment Quickly

If you are injured in the accident, it is important to treat for your injuries and explain to the doctors what your injuries are and ask if they were caused by the accident or not.

Many people have pre-existing injuries, so it is important to explain the differences if you have a pre-existing injury. It is also important to follow the doctor’s advice regarding treatment.

If you skip an appointment or stop treating for any reason, the insurance company will try to avoid paying any compensation claiming that there is a gap in your treatment and in future treatment is unrelated to the accident.

In Kentucky, your own auto insurance (PIP) covers up to the first $10,000 in medical bills and/or lost wages. The at-fault insurance company will reimburse your insurance company at the end of the case.

Step 3: Finish Your Recommended Medical Treatment

At some point, you will hopefully resolve your injuries.

At that time, we will gather all of your bills and records and prepare to send a demand package to the at-fault insurance company.

We will try to settle out of court if possible, but if not, we will talk about filing a lawsuit and going to court.

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