Ky Truck Accident Attorney

Truck Accident Attorney in Kentucky

If you were in a truck accident in Kentucky or Ohio, you need a well qualified lawyer that is well versed in the law and has knowledge of the trucking industry and the rules and regulations they must abide by to get you just compensation. Due to the sheer weight and size of a big rig, the results of the accident can be far more devastating to the occupants of the smaller vehicle, often resulting in permanent disabilities or even death.

The sooner you seek legal help, the better off you are. There is evidence at the crash scene that we need to secure before time and weather conditions obliterate it, and time limits on procuring legal documents such as driver logs, safety inspections, etc., and the statute of limitations to file the case. We also need to see photographs and talk to witnesses immediately after the truck accident.

The attorney you turn to in this time of crisis will be familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, (FMCSRs), that attempts to regulate the trucking industry on the federal level by monitoring and enforcing things such as licensing requirements, weight, size and load limitations, work hours and insurance minimums. They will investigate whether these procedures have all been complied with.

The case becomes increasingly complicated if the criteria of the FMCSRs have been complied with, however, your lawyer will know how to interpret driver logs and the accident reconstruction to your benefit. Under Kentucky’s’ Motor Vehicles Reparations Act, commonly referred to as the “No- Fault Law,” or personal injury protection (PIP).

In the case of an accident involving a tractor trailer, due to the seriousness of the resulting consequences, the limitations (usually only $10,000) on this insurance may not nearly cover the costs you may have incurred, and this is where your lawyer is of such importance. Their experience, aggressiveness and specialized knowledge will be to your benefit.

Having an attorney is crucial to obtaining evidence of negligence as we can garner access to the truck driver’s log book, prior accidents, prior or current drug use or alcohol abuse, how many tickets the driver may have received, if his CDL license was current or any criminal background.

We also have the ability to find documentation whether the drivers load was over the weight limit allowed, whether he was following the intended route or driving over the allotted hours. Other proof of negligence is ‘proximate cause” meaning that but for the driver’s action, the accident would not have occurred.

After perusing all the avenues at their disposal, your attorney will then present your claim for compensation, including pain and suffering, coverage of medical bills for your injuries and lost wages; present and future, long term disability and in the case of death of a loved one, loss of consortium, funeral expenses and loss of future financial stability. Your attorney will take care of these issues while you concentrate on recovery.