Ky Pedestrian/Vehicle Injury

May 13, 2020

Pedestrian/Vehicle Injury Cases in Northern Kentucky

When involved in a Ky pedestrian/vehicle injury, a pedestrian is usually unable to work and will suffer financial stresses. They may also suffer from pain that keeps them from doing day to day things. This is why it is important for a pedestrian to know what steps they should take to get back some of what they have lost.

Pedestrian/Vehicle Injury Cases

When it comes to the allocation of fault in pedestrian/vehicle injuries, there can sometimes be complications or issues. This is because the driver may deny fault, and may even genuinely believe that the accident was the pedestrian’s fault.  However, in most pedestrian/vehicle injury cases, pedestrians are hit by vehicles because the driver is distracted or driving carelessly.

Unfortunately, these types of accidents usually result in serious, or even fatal injuries. What’s further, in Kentucky, the law is a comparative fault law. Which means that if one person is shown to be 80% at fault, the other person can seek compensation for the other 20% of fault. A qualified personal injury attorney will see to it that any percentages of fault are accurate, and will seek the best settlement possible.

Financial Recovery

When it comes to financial recovery, there are many areas in which you can seek the compensation that you feel you are entitled. These areas include pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and bodily injury. These claims will be accountable by the driver’s insurance, if possible. If the driver did not have insurance, the pedestrian can usually seek compensation from their own insurance under the uninsured motorist coverage.

Under certain circumstances, a pedestrian may also be able to seek further compensation if they are currently living with someone who has automobile insurance coverage. This, however, is only sought under severe circumstances.

To have a better idea of the percentage of fault you could be looking at, it is important to have an attorney that knows all the variables, as well as experience in the field.

The qualified attorney will also have a better understanding of what compensation you should be able to seek, along with helping you to plead your case the best you can.  Because of their know-how and deep understanding of the law, reaching out to an attorney is always your best bet to receiving the settlement you deserve.