Kentucky Bicycle Injury

April 25, 2020
Cyclist hit by a car

Kentucky Bicycle Injury Lawyer

Bicycle riders in Kentucky have the same rights to the road as all others. However, it’s a statement of fact that those who choose this method of transportation often face a negative stereotype or are blamed for accidents; even for those where they are clearly not at fault. This is where a Kentucky bicycle injury lawyer takes a case and actively fights for the rights of bicycle riders.

Why is a Kentucky Bicycle Injury Lawyer Needed?

Nearly every day in Kentucky, thousands of people ride their bicycles to travel from point A to point B. A horrible assumption that society has made is that bicycle riders should be more accountable for avoiding traffic and pedestrians than others. Nothing is further than the truth.

The fact is that everybody that travels on a city road is equally accountable for their actions. However, when a motorist clearly is negligent and strikes a bicycle rider who is obeying the law; they need to be held accountable for an accident they cause.

This is where a professional Kentucky bicycle injury lawyer steps up to ensure parties who are responsible for causing injuries to bike riders are financially held accountable for their irresponsible, or even accidental actions.

Some Facts about Bike Accidents in Kentucky

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Board indicate that 83 percent of all bicycle-related accidents are caused by the negligence of other motorists or pedestrians. It’s often assumed that since a bicycle is smaller or easier to maneuver that they should be able to ‘dodge’ any potential accidents.

This simple isn’t true. In the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 2014, more than 2,500 bicycle riders were hit by cars or trucks – with nearly 13 percent of these accidents leading to fatalities of the bike rider. In more than half of these accidents, the bicycle rider was found to have done everything they could to avoid the accident.

Those who make the decision to ride bicycles need to be aware of their surroundings. And as many professional bike riding instructors will argue, a bike rider should always keep their eyes and ears open to avoid accidents whenever possible. However, we are only human and can’t avoid all accidents – especially when their bodies are exposed to the elements and not protected by a metal enclosure, seat belts and air bags.

Why Kentucky Bicycle Lawyers can Protect Their Rights

Bicycle riders have rights to compensation when they’ve incurred injuries due to an accident. These people typically face a negative stigma not only by society – but by the insurance companies as well. An experienced Kentucky bicycle injury lawyer can streamline the claims filing process and protect the rights of riders to ensure they receive the financial compensation they deserve.