Fight Your Insurance Company

On Your Side When The Insurance Company Isn’t

There are times when you have to fight the insurance company. Insurance companies have an obligation to act in good faith when dealing with those who make a claim. Bad faith insurance is not just about getting denied for a claim you feel you were entitled to receive, it is about being treated in a grossly unfair and irresponsible manner. It is about companies that deny claims for no good reason at all and that act in an unfair manner.
Few people who have a claim denied are able to prove that the insurance company acted in bad faith, but those who can be able to pursue large awards for damages. At Law Offices of Christopher Jackson in Covington, Kentucky, our attorneys fight to pursue the compensation you are owed when you have been mistreated by an insurance company.

The Experience to Fight The Insurance Company

Insurance companies large and small have extensive resources to protect their interests, but when they act from a bad faith position it is important to understand that the law is ultimately on the side of the victim. Fighting insurance companies acting in bad faith without the experience of a legal professional is incredibly difficult and can seriously impact the results you get.

Our lawyer can help you take control of the situation and fight your insurance company, fighting back when an insurance company acts against you in bad faith is your right. We can review your claim and take action on issues involving:

• Denied coverage
• Unreasonable delays
• Fraud
• Underpayment of claims
• Failures to defend

If you believe an insurance company has acted against you in an aggressively unreasonable manner, then you may have an insurance bad faith claim. When your results matter, make sure you work with a law firm that has built its reputation on a record of proven results helping clients in Ohio and Kentucky.

Fight Back your Insurance Company Now!

The longer you wait to react against insurance companies acting in bad faith, the more time insurance companies have to build their case against paying you the benefits you are owed. If you even suspect that you may be a victim of bad faith insurance, go ahead and contact our experienced Ohio and Kentucky litigator for a free case review. Contact us now!