Dog Bite Ohio

Ohio Dog Bite Laws

A sad fact of reality is that our beloved pets are not perfect. Occasionally a situation will occur when a dog specifically will attack without warning and cause significant injuries to an individual. There are specific statuses in place that articulate the Ohio dog bite laws and how they protect victims of dog attacks.

By knowing the law, and resources you are protected by law, you will be better prepared to understand the facts about these legal cases and can receive compensation from liable parties.
Understanding the Facts about Ohio Dog Bite Laws

The US Humane Society estimates that every day in the United States nearly 1,000 people require medical treatment due to dog bites. The sad reality also exists that in 2014 alone, 55 people in the US suffered fatalities due to being attacked by a dog. The most common victim of a dog bite is either children (between the ages of infant to 12), and elderly individuals above 70 years of age.

The Humane Society also indicates that the most common breeds of dogs that are more likely to bite German Shepherds, Pit Bull and Rottweilers. In our state, nearly 2,000 people require medical treatment due to being bit by a dog – which is a major reason why Ohio dog bite laws exist.

Who is Liable for Dog Bite Attacks in Ohio?

Under State of Ohio statues, a victim of a dog bite can recover compensation for medical expenses, injury and personal suffering due to the negligence, the negligence per se or intentional tort of the owner of the pet in question.

This statute falls under a traditional doctrine that states that an individual can be held liable to the actions of their dogs under a few specific criteria including; (a) if the dog previously bit an individual or acted in an aggressive way; or (b) that the owner was previously aware of the aggressiveness of the dog.

However, Ohio statutes also indicate that the owners of a dog can be liable for the actions of their pets under multiple reasons that can be classified as neglect. This essentially means that there are multiple ways that pet owners are legally responsible for the actions of their dogs – including when they attack other people.

Ohio Dog Bite Lawyers Protect Victim Rights

Due to these facts and many more, victims of dog bite attacks in Ohio have legal rights to receive compensation and recovery for injuries or trauma they’ve encountered because of a dog bite.

Working with a lawyer who has complete understanding of Ohio dog bite laws to file claims on your behalf is a smart decision – as this process can be complex and open to legal interpretation. A Cincinnati personal injury attorney will fight hard for your rights and ensure you receive appropriate compensation for damages.