Damages Compensatory

Compensatory Damages

Car Accidents Happen:

Were you injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault?
If yes, The Law Offices of Christopher Jackson is able to help you receive the compensatory damages owed to you.

Car Accident Damages Include
• Medical expenses to date
• Future medical expenses
• Rehabilitation expenses
• Lost wages
• Impairment to the ability to labor and earn in the future (future lost wages)
• Physical pain and suffering (both past and future)
• Emotional pain and suffering or mental pain and suffering (both past and future)
• Automobile repair/replacement (property damage)
• Loss of consortium claims
• Car rental
• Out of pocket expenses such as crutches, bandages, medications, childcare expenses, etc.
• Punitive damages

These items make up “COMPENSATORY DAMAGES“. Compensatory damages are the money awarded to a person who has suffered a loss or injury resulting from another party’s actions/inaction that compensate for the injuries/loss. Some compensatory damages, such as pain and suffering are difficult to quantify.

Keep a record of the negative ways that the injuries affect your day-to-day life. Car accidents may have serious emotional consequences that may influence your life as well.

Although rare, car accident victims in Kentucky can sometimes pursue punitive damages. Punitive damages do not look at what it will take to compensate the injured victim. Rather, punitive damages look at what it will take to punish the wrongdoer. To achieve punitive damages there must be a showing of malicious or wanton or grossly reckless behavior.