Determining Car Accident Fault

Bar Fights and Injuries

Bar Fights and Personal Injury in Ohio A night out to the local bar with friends or family should be a pleasant experience void of chaos and drama and usually a good time is had by everyone. Every once in a while, however, an altercation happens because some hothead misconstrues an action or remark and …

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The Law Offices of Christopher L Jackson

Homeowner’s Insurance & Injury

Homeowner’s Insurance & Personal Injury in Kentucky Homeowners insurance is not just for fire, falling trees, flooding and other disasters; but, also for injuries at home. Residential accidents that require a visit to the emergency room account for more than six million insurance claims each year. The homeowner’s insurance covers personal injury to invited guests …

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Working With an Injury Lawyer Cincinnati

Injury & Accidents in Ohio

Personal Injury & Car Accidents in Ohio If you have been involved in a car accident in Ohio, and suffered injuries, you may have been able to settle everything without going to court, but if important issues cannot be resolved, such as who was at fault, and the extent of injuries involved, you need to …

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Kentucky Auto Accidents

Rear Collisions

Rear Collisions: Who’s Fault is It? When you are involved in a rear end collision with another vehicle and you are the one who did the rear ending, the general rule of thumb is that you are totally at fault and will be liable for any damages. Proving at least partial negligence on the other …

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Dog Bite Lawyer Cincinnati OH

If You Are Bit by a Dog

What to do If You Are Bit by a Dog Being bitten by a dog is always a scary event, whether it is the family pet, the neighbors dog or a strange dog running at large. Aside from the legal ramifications, the first thing to worry about is taking care of the wound itself. Care …

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Free Car Accident Injury Case Evaluation

Accident Claim 24 Hour Rule

Making an Accident Claim: The 24-Hour Rule You have been out on a shopping spree, having a wonderful time and you are now  loading up all your purchases in the trunk of your car. You get in your car, buckle up, check over each shoulder for any oncoming traffic and check your rearview mirror, then …

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