Appliance Home Injuries

April 17, 2020
Personal Injury

Defective Appliances And Home Injuries

Thousands of people are injured in their own homes annually by circumstances that may have been preventable, ranging from slip and falls, burns, cuts or lacerations, to faulty appliances.

Our appliances are designed to make everyday life easier; from washing and drying our clothes, doing the dishes, cooking our food and keeping us warm or cool. They are designed to pass strict quality control measures to ensure our safety, therefore, most injuries are caused by the carelessness or misuse by the consumer.

However, in spite of the manufacturer’s quality control standards, some may come off the assembly line with a defect in its operational capabilities. When this results in an injury to the consumer, the retailer or manufacturer may be held liable.
Consulting with an attorney is advisable at this point as they know what to look for and where to point the finger when it comes to liability.

Not all accidents that happen at home are the individuals fault, but are caused by another’s negligence. Usually a manufacturer of an appliance only learns of a defect through a reported injury, in which case they should affect a recall on the product.

If you were injured by an appliance that has had several injuries associated with it and no recall was issued, you may have a good case for negligence and product liability against both the manufacturer and the retailer if they were aware of the problems.

You may be entitled to damages for any medical bills you have incurred, lost wages, other costs and pain and suffering. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be entitled to further damages such as future medical bills and lost wages. Your attorney will assess your needs and present your case for you to get the maximum results