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After an injury, your life can be tossed upside down. You likely had to go to the emergency room and are probably missing time from work, and now, the insurance company is calling you and asking you to sign papers. Do not sign anything! You want an attorney who understands how to fight the insurance companies. One call to Christopher Jackson and we will take care of all of the paperwork, so you can focus on going to the doctor and getting better.

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Our attorneys zealously represent all of our clients, striving to obtain the best outcome possible for every case, no matter how complex. Contact our firm and find out how we can help.

Our Legal Team Of Counsel For Other Legal Matters

Attorneys Aaren E. Meehan and Joshua M. McIntosh are of counsel for The Law Office of Christopher Jackson, offering representation in diverse legal practice areas. Aaren Meehan primarily handles family law issues such as divorce, child custody and child support. Joshua M. McIntosh handles criminal cases, wills and estates, and other civil cases.

What The Law Firm Has To Offer

Meticulous attention to detail is essential for a successful trial attorney, as Christopher Jackson has proven with his record of victories and settlements for his clients. Even though we will try to settle your case out of court, we need to prepare for trial to show the insurance company that if they do not make a fair offer, we will go to trial.

As the founder of The Law Office of Christopher Jackson, Mr. Jackson has built his practice on handling complex and difficult matters that often go to trial. His many hours in the courtroom have allowed him to hone his skills and provide outstanding service to his many clients over the years.

Since 2003, plaintiff’s lawyer Christopher Jackson has represented people in personal injury cases, car accidents, truck wrecks, motorcycle crashes, and slip-and-fall injuries in Kentucky and Ohio.